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216 Castro Street, Mountain View, CA 94041
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216 Castro Street, Mountain View, CA 94041

The Warm, Cultural Influence of India and Pakistan Comes to Mountain View!

At the core of Mountain View’s Castro Street sits Shezan, an overtly authentic dining representation of the culturally-rich lands of Pakistan and North India. Within these elements lie a myriad of genuine Tandoori dishes, steeped in a legacy of Punjab culinary disciplines and traditional Muglai Dynasty cooking. Our goal? To transport each and every one of our valued customers from the shores of California to the sun-baked plains of India and Pakistan through every bite of our authentic foods. We guarantee a one-of-a-kind dining experience, whether you’re trying such ethnic treats for the first time or are a seasoned enthusiast of such menus.

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Come take a trip with us as we sail across the majestic Pacific, around the Asian continent and into the Middle Eastern lands where the freshest produce and cuts of prime meats symbolize a culture teeming with legacy. From lamb and beef to chicken, vegetables and house specialties such as Shrimp Masala, a world of flavor awaits at Shezan. Though downtown Mountain View is often called a “culinary mecca,” we stand out amidst the landscape with a family-run operation, unique mouthwatering food that awakens the taste buds and prompt, friendly service – to say nothing of our take on classics such as Garlic Naan and Biriyani.

We also offer a lunch buffet for only $11.95 with succulent items such as Nehari, Chicken Masala, Okra and Tandoori Chicken from which to choose. Aloo Matar, Karahi Chicken and Fish Pakoras are all favorites of our return customers, exploding with thick, flavorful textures and characteristics and becoming perfectly balanced with Basmati Rice and Plain Naan. Absolutely delicious are our Potato Cutlets as an appetizer, and you simply can’t go wrong with our bone-in Shahi Korma Curry, with just the right amount of essential ingredients.

Join us at Shezan, where a dynamic fusion of premium cuisine, convenient location, incredible service and generous portions will have you re-thinking Pakistani and Indian dining.

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